Cyberbullying in Plain Sight Report

August 10, 2022

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阅读声明(英) ➜

Our latest report — “Cyberbullying in Plain Sight”

Cyberbullying occurs at greater rates than parents think, and nearly half of children have done it to others without even knowing it. These are two of the several findings in our latest McAfee report, "Cyberbullying in Plain Sight."

Earlier this year, we published our first global Connected Family Study that revealed the online habits of adults and children. One finding leapt out from the study—the prevalence of cyberbullying. The study also called out several distinct gaps between parents and children, particularly around awareness of the problem.

With this report, McAfee set out to answer the questions parents have, such as where it occurs, the forms it takes, and whether their children are the perpetrators of cyberbullying through a detailed 10-country survey.


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